Patiala-The power demand in Punjab is rising with each passing day, with the state relying on power banking from Uttrakhand and Rajasthan to meet the steep increase in demand this week. The power demand has already crossed 9,000 Mega Watts (MW) due to the intense heat wave prevalent in the state and demand for air-conditioners at an all-time high.
As compared to last week’s demand of 7,208 MW, the demand has risen steeply to 9,046 MW, which is likely to be anywhere between 13,000 to 13,500 MW after June 13, with the official start of the paddy season.
According to PSPCL officials, banking arrangements with Rajsathan (300 MW) and Uttarakhand (75 MW) have helped Punjab get an additional 375 MW of power since June 1. However, the demand for power has been constantly rising for the past week and is expected to touch 10,000 MW by next week, given the severe heat wave.


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