The days of battling with the dichotomy of choosing between oiling your hair for that extra conditioning or colouring your hair for that lovely shine are over.

Garnier Color Naturals’ fabulous range of hair colours is here to give your hair the nourishment that it needs!

Traditional hair colouring ingredients, which include natural plant alternates, rip your scalp’s moisture, leaving it parched, itchy, and flaky.

However, Garnier hair colours contain three kinds of oil, namely almond, avocado, and olive, which are well-known for their virtues of nourishment, conditioning, and moisturizing.

Read on to know more.

For shiny tresses

Olive oil’s deep conditioning benefits make your tresses shine, in addition to enhancing your hair colour. The more your hair shines, the more the subtle undertones of the colour will appear. As a bonus, these oils reinvent the at-home colouring experience with their sumptuous scents.

It’s all about the subtle undertones

Uniform hair colour lacks dimension, whereas the most brilliant, natural-looking colour contains subtle undertones that enhance your complexion and eyes. By using the oil-enriched line, you can have quality undertones that are as beautiful and varied as those created by a professional colourist.

Cover grey hair without any worry

So skeptics are going to tell you that ammonia-free crème hair colour is not going to give a good coverage for your grey hair. Fret not! Garnier Color Naturals’ beautiful brown shades will put all your worries to rest.

No ammonia is a good thing

Not only does ammonia have an unpleasant odour, but it is also harsh on your hair. This is because ammonia opens up hair cuticles, making your hair dry and brittle.

Almond means strength

If almonds can do so much for your memory, think what almond oil can do for your hair. Almond oil, which is one of the three oils that are part of Garnier Color Naturals crème colour range, promotes root strengthening. Crème hair colour, which seems to be a trend that’s catching on, ensures great colour delivery for your hair, without damaging the strands.

So, this festive season, make your hair shinier and happier with Garnier Color Naturals’ crème hair colour.


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